Our Hypoallergenic Peanuts

Our hypoallergenic or allergen-reduced peanuts which we are proposing to the peanut industry as the best solution to prevent accidental ingestions of peanuts resulting in severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shocks and sometimes deaths.

Our goal is NOT to encourage children allergic to peanuts to eat our Hypoallergenic Peanuts, but instead to encourage its used by the peanut industry so that in the unfortunate case of an accidental ingestion by an allergic individual, there will be no severe allergic reactions, no anaphylaxis and no deaths.

Self-Stabilizing Natural Peanut Butter

IngateyGen is developing a Self-Stabilizing Natural Peanut Butter which is favored by the health-conscious consumers but find the oil overlay a nuisance. In addition, peanut butter processors must spend extra dollars to purchase chemical stabilizers.

High Protein Peanuts as plant-based meat alternative

IngateyGen is developing a peanut enriched in protein content and essential amino acids and proposing it as a plant-based meat alternative to fulfill the increasing demand for healthy plant proteins.